Ultralight pod harness, from 2 kg (size S) | Split leg loops | Lightweight, modular hybrid protector system | Parachute front container with shoulder suspension

ARTUS – Go light, fly far

The ultralight ARTUS pod harness (from 2 kg - size S) is based on the race version and has been optimised with a focus on increased safety and comfort. Whether it's a relaxed hike & fly, a vol biv adventure or a competition - the ARTUS fulfills all the requirements of a lightweight harness. It offers a high level of comfort, aerodynamics and safety with a small pack size.

Race feeling with every flight. You don't have to be a top athlete to enjoy the benefits of the ARTUS. We have adopted the aerodynamics, aesthetics and agility of the race version and increased its durability by reinforcing the material. This gives you that race feeling even when you're not competing, without having to compromise on safety. The ARTUS is definitely suitable for everyday use, although we recommend that you handle the material with care.

Comfortable lightweight. The ARTUS is in the 2 kg weight range and features a standard of safety and comfort that is usually found in heavier harnesses. Practical features such as various storage compartments and detachable parts make handling easier and enable additional weight reduction. The ARTUS Stuffsack (included) ensures a small packing volume.

Tip: complete your ultralight equipment with the matching rucksack - the X-PACK 50 (525 grams).

Safety in focus. The parachute is located in the front container. From there, the V-bridle on the right side of the harness runs through a channel to the rear and allows the parachute to be suspended from the shoulders. The two-part ALUMINA+ hybrid back protector system extends along the thighs and back right up to the thoracic spine and provides extensive protection. It consists of PE foam and a very light tubular structure made of aluminium. An optional inflatable ARTUS AIR protector can also be purchased for even smaller packing volume. For correct handling and inspection, please read the manual carefully.


The ultimate in lightness. Designed for hike & fly, climb & fly and vol biv, ultra-lightweight products are built to be as light and compact as possible. To achieve this, we use the lightest materials and technologies available - but never at the expense of safety! For the longest possible enjoyment of the product, we recommend particularly careful handling of the equipment.

Target group

The ARTUS is aimed at pilots who want to fly a very light, safe and high-performance pod harness. You benefit from the high level of comfort and precise handling on long cross-country flights, ambitious hike & fly competitions and also on vol biv tours. The ARTUS is also suitable for everyday use thanks to reinforced materials in the more stressed areas.

Features in detail

Ready for take off. It is important to close the ARTUS correctly so that you can get into the air quickly and safely. The diagram on the leg loops shows you how to correctly connect the coloured straps with the corresponding metal rods and rings. The colour coding for each side corresponds to the familiar scheme found on most NOVA paragliders, which prevents the possibility of incorrect attachment: red for left and green for right. The EASE Aerotec carabiners from Edelrid, specially developed for paragliding, guarantee minimum weight with maximum strength.

For step-by-step instructions, please refer to the manual or take a look at our tutorial.

Aerodynamic and individual. The seat position is adjusted using the back and shoulder straps for the best possible flying comfort. The length of the pod can be adjusted using three straps on each side. Markings facilitate symmetrical adjustment. The three-step speed-bar runs through low-friction rings and can be operated with little effort. The plastic footplate is very hard-wearing and protects the calves during launch.

Tip: to get the most out of the ARTUS, we recommend a more reclined flying position. The the bottom of the pod should be horizontal.

Space for gear. The ARTUS offers plenty of storage space thanks to its various pockets and compartments. The back compartment offers the most space. There is a zip pocket on the left and right side of the pod and there is also space under the seat. The detachable kangaroo pocket at chest height can be used to store small items such as a power bank or muesli bar. There are Velcro straps on the cockpit and shoulder straps to secure instruments. There are also channels for the drinking tube from the back compartment and for the pee tube on the outer shell.

Dati tecnici

    S M L
Altezza del/la pilota cm <165 160-180 >180
Peso imbrago incl. protettore ALUMINA+ kg 2.0 2.1 2.2
Peso protettore ALUMINA+ kg 0,235
Peso imbrago incl. ARTUS AIR Protector kg 2,15 2,25 2,35
Peso ARTUS AIR Protector kg 0,385
Certification (EN/LTF)   PH_421.2023
Massimo carico amissibile   130 kg LTF / 100 kg EN

Size chart

This table should assist you on choosing the correct size. The pod is customised for each size and therefore cannot be exchanged for another size.





Tessuto selletta: Dynalight 3 mm (Dyneema)
Seduta selletta: 190D 3x3 Ripstop fabric
10 mm PE Foam
Guscio esterno: 70D 3x3 Ripstop fabric
Skytex 27C2
DOKDO 30D, Span 2-Way 200g/m²

Scope of delivery


L'ARTUS è dotato di una protezione principale e di una paraschiena. Entrambi sono protettori ibridi realizzati in schiuma PE e una struttura tubolare molto leggera in alluminio. Proteggono a partire dalle cosce tutta la schiena, la colonna vertebrale fino all'altezza del torace. Entrambe le protezioni possono essere rimosse e sostituite indipendentemente l'una dall'altra. Si consiglia di volare con entrambe le protezioni. Dopo un forte impatto, è necessario controllare che entrambe le protezioni non siano danneggiate o deformate e, se necessario, sostituirle. Il vostro rivenditore NOVA locale può aiutarvi a farlo.

Oltre al sistema di protezione ibrido ALUMINA+ montato di serie, è possibile sostituire la protezione principale con una protezione gonfiabile ARTUS AIR. In questo modo si riduce anche l'ingombro dell'ARTUS. È possibile acquistarlo presso i nostri rivenditori NOVA.

Con i cosciali divisi, le gambe sono sospese singolarmente. Ciò si traduce in un elevato livello di comfort e precisione di controllo, con un piacevole smorzamento allo stesso tempo. Gli imbraghi con cosciali divisi hanno anche di un peso inferiore a quelli con tavoletta e un volume, quando ripiegato, ridotto.

Il contenitore anteriore dell'ARTUS è in materiale elastico. Ciò significa che, con una corretta ripiegatura, tutte le emergenze con un volume massimo di 4,3 litri possono essere inserite nel container. I modelli più recenti dei paracadute d’emergenza non avranno nessun problema di alloggiamento. Le emergenze di volume molto elevato, di solito i modelli più vecchi, potrebbero entrarci a fatica, sconsigliamo però di piegarla troppo stretta per non inficiarne l'apertura, piuttosto raccomandiamo di usare un'emergenza di volume inferiore. In ogni caso, è necessario effettuare un test di compatibilità.

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