Three-liner | cells: 51 cells | aspect ratio: 5.19 | weight: 3.9 kg - size S (EN/LTF B)

ION 6 Light – Always up for flying

Now the only reason not to fly is the weather, because the ION 6 Light (EN/LTF B) is infinitely versatile. Whether you plan to hike & fly, local soaring or even an ambitious cross-country flight - as soon as the sun shines, this paraglider puts you right at the front and top. A high degree of passive safety comes as standard.

Ready for anything. The ION 6 Light includes everything you would expect from a real all-round glider: precise handling and maximum performance with a high level of passive safety. Since many glorious cross-country flights start with a walk up the mountain, it is also light (3.9 kg/size S) and can be packed particularly small. Its design mirrors the ION 6, whilst using special light materials and narrower risers. This saves weight - the "Light" is a full 800 grams (size S) lighter than the standard version - and the glider, neatly packed in the waterproof Compression Bag, has a volume of only 19 litres.

Less drag. The risers of the ION 6 Light differ significantly from the previous models and are only 7 mm wide, instead of 12 mm. However, diligent workmanship guarantees a high load capacity comparable to wider risers. The thinner risers have many advantages. They mean less drag and therefore an increase in performance. And they ensure a weight reduction of 100 g. In addition, the flat webbing riser is easier to handle than the "shoelace risers", which often feature on very weight-reduced wings. The riser is skinny, but does not have a tendency to twist. Please note: if you would prefer the wider risers on the ION 6, this is not a problem. You can select which risers you want when ordering your wing.

Overview included. Both the risers and the lines of the ION 6 Light are an asset during launch preparation and ground handling. Coloured markings on the risers clearly indicate right and left and this is continued on the brake handles and hang points on our harnesses. This makes it easy to check one is hooked in correctly. Line sorting is also easy, because the ION 6 Light has sheathed main, brake and stabilo lines and follows the colour scheme recommended by the PMA: A – red, B – yellow, C – blue, brake – orange, stabilo line – green. This means the lines are identical to the ones used on the ION 6.

Lots of attention to detail. When designing the ION 6 and ION 6 Light, everything from the previous ION series was re-examined and only the features which proved to be a 100% hit were retained. The result is shorter lines than on the previous model and a reduced curvature, i.e. a "flatter" canopy. This increases the roll damping and ensures stable flight. Due to the short lines, and despite the high roll damping, the ION 6 Light reacts precisely to brake inputs - and the pilot can feel what is happening above them without delay. Another consequence of the reduced curvature is the increased projected aspect ratio (3.84) compared to the ION 5 Light (3.52). In contrast, the flat aspect ratio increased only marginally, by only 0.6%.

XC in your comfort zone. Feeling comfortable even on long flights begins with a familiarity between pilot and paraglider. This comes with experience, but is also aided by the finely tuned flight characteristics of the glider. The ION 6 Light inflates reliably even in light winds and, typical for lightweight paragliders, even with only moderate pulling force. Once in the air, flat turns are easy and in tight turns it will only spiral if you decide to. So you can make the most of even the weakest of thermals. And talking of making the most of it, if you need to get quickly from A to B, the speed-system fulfills its promise. Additionally, the following features provide performance that you will feel from the first flight: mini-ribs with internal seams, Mini-Rib Vector Tape and 3D Shaping at the leading edge.

Play it safe. Countless take offs and landings, vol biv flights and trips have left their mark? Don’t worry - even fine dirt inside the glider is easily removed, because with the ION 6 Light it slides along the trailing edge to the wingtips - to the specially designed outlets. Any greater damage that requires repair is covered by NOVA Protect, which is valid for one year after purchase and insures against the cost of accidental damage (excess 50 euros + shipping and VAT). We replace lines or damaged panels and check the trim of your glider after repair. Everything so you can do what you love to do again as soon as possible… flying.

Pilot target group

The ION 6 Light is suitable for gifted beginners (in countries where an EN B may be used for instruction), as well as recreational pilots and experienced pilots with cross-country ambitions who value a small packing volume and little weight. Thanks to its high level of passive safety, the ION 6 Light is a great introduction to EN B gliders and allows relaxed flying - without having to forego plenty of performance for cross-country flights. Regarding the slim risers, when changing from standard to "light" risers, we always recommend the pre-flight inspection includes carefully checking that there are no twists in the risers and you are correctly clipped in.

Short and compact

3D-Shaping. In addition to the standard 3D Shaping there is a Zig-zag 3D Shaping seam on each cell. The advantage is that this seam doesn’t run in the direction of the spanwise force. This means the seam runs more cleanly and is more aerodynamically advantageous. This innovation reduces the creases in the leading edge.

Mini-Ribs. Mini-ribs increase the number of cells in the rear wing area and thus provide an aerodynamically optimised trailing edge. The necessary seams are on the inside. The mini-ribs also help to keep the brake pressure moderate.

Mini-Rib Vector Tape. An additional vector tape runs through slots in the mini-ribs. This tape reduces the crease that is created when braking. This markedly increases climb performance and improves handling. Additionally, there is a brake gathering system on the trailing edge. These features mean the ION 6 Light has a beautiful, smooth trailing edge, even when the brakes are applied.

Dirt outlet. On some paragliders the profile ribs and mini-ribs reach all the way back to the trailing edge - but on the ION 6 Light the profile ribs end before the trailing edge. This results in a 2 cm wide gap. Fine dirt inside the glider slides bit by bit to the wingtips where it can be removed through the specially designed outlets.

Extra slim risers. The risers of the ION 6 Light are made from 7 mm wide Kevlar webbing and have a built-in wing twist adjustment, which shortens the A3 line less than A1 and A2 during acceleration. This increases the stability of the wing during accelerated flight.

Weight-optimised cloth. We only use the highest quality cloths in all our wings, and we not only test the cloth for durability (high porosity or reduced tear resistance through UV damage or wear) but also for mechanical robustness, for example stretching. For quality control purposes we regularly take samples during serial production.

Quote from Fabian Gasteiger (NOVA test pilot)

"Right from launch the ION 6 Light is unbeatable: whether it’s light or strong wind... it is very easy to inflate, stays above you and does not tend to overshoot. This, together with a relaxed flight feeling and plenty of XC potential, makes it the ideal companion for me on my vol biv tours - especially in thermic conditions."

Weight comparison ION 6 vs. ION 6 Light

REVIEW ION 6 Light on Lu-Glidz

German blogger Lucian Haas has tested our ION 6 Light on his independent, because ad-free blog Lu-Glidz. Below is the conclusion. You can read the full review (in German) here.

"With the Ion 6 (light), Nova has for the first time dared not only a gradual evolution, but a more significant change in the overall design concept of the Ion series - and in doing so, won in my view. I had already rated the predecessors Ion 4 and Ion 5 as successful all-rounders. The Ion 6 fulfils the same expectations, fits the same pilot requirements, but offers an even finer, more intuitive (thermal) handling. In my opinion, the biggest advantage over the Ion 5 and some of its current competitors from the mid-B range (e.g. Advance Epsilon 9, Skywalk Arak, Phi Beat) is that the design with the shorter lines makes launching easier, especially in more demanding conditions (strong winds, short take-off area). This makes the Ion 6, especially in the light version, an interesting option for pilots who want to combine hike-and-fly with relaxed, but sometimes already more ambitious XC flying."

By the way: With the introduction of the ION 6 / ION 6 Light, we have extended the product life cycle from two to three years. The ION 6 (Light) will remain a current glider in 2022.


Technical data

    XXS XS S M L
Number of cells  


Projected span m 8,38 8,82 9,26 9,66 10,10
Projected area 18,30 20,28 22,34 24,34 26,38
Projected aspect ratio   3,84
Flat span m 10,51 11,06 11,61 12,12 12,62
Flat area 21,28 23,57 25,97 28,30 30,67
Flat aspect ratio   5,19
Line length m 5,75 6,08 6,41 6,71 7,01
Total line length m 213 224 236 246 257
Max. chord m 2,52 2,65 2,78 2,90 3,02
Min. chord m 0,71 0,75 0,79 0,82 0,85
Weight kg 3,20 3,50 3,90 4,10 4,40
Recommended take off weight kg 60-80 70-90 80-100 90-110 100-130
Certification (EN/LTF)   B B B B B




This 3D model will assist you to see the approximate appearance of a custom colour. But please be aware: the actual colours may vary from the 3D model. For any queries, please contact your NOVA Partner or email us directly at

Best Flights

Scope of delivery


Both wings are certified as EN/LTF B. The difference is the materials used in their construction. The ION 6 Light is made from lighter cloth and is fitted with slimmer risers. This saves weight in your rucksack - which is useful if you want to travel a lot on foot as part of hike & fly or on paragliding trips. The packing volume of the ION 6 Light is also smaller. In terms of flight characteristics, they are practically identical. The Light is particularly easy to launch and may feel a little livelier in the air. This may also be simply because the light cloth "rustles" more in flight and this noise is perceived as movement in the glider. Can’t decide? No problem: try both and go with your gut feeling.

The ION 6 Light is state of the art in terms of design and materials - which results in very pleasant handling and even more performance. It is based on the ION 6, which only retained features from the previous ION series that have been 100% proven successful. The changes include shorter lines, reduced curvature, mini-ribs and slimmer risers. Even better roll damping ensures stable flight, but the ION 6 Light still responds to brake input precisely. In terms of weight, the ION 6 Light at 3.9 kg (size S) is almost identical to the ION 5 Light (size S, 3.85 kg).

The ION 6 Light (EN/LTF B) and the AONIC (EN/LTF A) are different, for example in their certification. In some countries EN B gliders are not approved for instruction - but EN A gliders are suitable for training. When comparing the two models, the demands on the pilot are slightly higher for the ION 6 Light. The ION 6 Light is also superior to the "high-end EN A" AONIC in terms of performance - which is due to its technically sophisticated design, which is optimised for performance. However, both gliders are ideally suited for pilots who want to develop their skills in (cross-country) flying. Ultimately it is your personal preference that decides whether you prefer to fly an EN/LTF A or B paraglider.

The ION is less dynamic than the MENTOR. The ION is suitable for pilots desiring more comfort and a more relaxed feel while in the air. In comparison, the MENTOR is sportier.

It is best to contact your local NOVA dealer. If there are no flying schools in your area, please contact the national importer. You can find an overview of our partner and distribution network here. If you have specific questions you are welcome to contact us directly. PS: NOVA is also a frequent guest at testivals such as the Stubai-Cup and Kössen. Maybe one of our current events is near you. We look forward to meeting you!

During the initial flights the lines are first subjected to load. This load induces a small degree of stretching and shrinking. These are not associated with the line manufacturers or the quality of workmanship - in the factory all NOVA paragliders are trimmed and pre-stretched to within a very low tolerance. To adjust this stretching or shrinking, we recommend that the wing is taken for NTT (NOVA Trim Tuning) after ten to twenty flights - after one year at the very latest. Generally, the line lengths remain constant after the first ten to twenty hours. To make full use of the NTT, NOVA encourages all pilots to have their wing checked after ten to twenty flying hours.

All current NOVA harnesses, e. g. VENTUS, ITUS and MONTIS are perfect for the ION 6 Light. There is something for every taste, be it seat harness, reversible harness or ultra-light hike & fly equipment. The coloured markings on the risers of the ION 6 Light can be found on the hang points of our harnesses, which makes clipping in easier and prevents twisted risers.

Where the glider is flown in the weight-range is first and foremost a question of personal preference: anyone seeking a high degree of agility and dynamic flying should fly our wings at the higher end of the weight-range. Pilots who are happier with gentle flights with a high degree of damping will be happier in the middle of the weight-range. Of course, the flying conditions have a big influence - in turbulent, windy conditions greater wing loading will bring greater stability; whereas flying the glider at the lower end of the weight-range makes it unbeatable in weak thermals. Correct wing loading is mainly a question of personal preference and the conditions in which you mainly fly. Your Nova dealer will be happy to advise you!

Dry, not packed too tightly and if possible in a space without wide temperature variations - these are the conditions that make our paragliders feel well. You should never store a wing when it is moist. You should also avoid excessive heat, like you would have, for example, in the car. Never remove dirt using chemical detergents and/or brushes.

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