3.7 kg (size M) I honeycomb seat board I SAS-TEC protector + pre-filled airbag with a 3-chamber system

ITUS – Optimised to the core

The ITUS is a completely versatile and lightweight reversible harness with a seat board, airbag and SAS-TEC protector. If required, the rucksack can be completely detached. Always on board: an extra portion of safety.

Multi-talented to the max. As a versatile reversible harness, the ITUS can be used in any situation - hike & fly, local soaring, cross-country and travelling the world. To help you achieve your daily goal, it has some clever features. For example, using a zip, the rucksack can be completely detached from the harness. The result is a lightweight harness with a seat plate that is comfortable in the air as well as superlight and compact on the ground. Please note: more varieties of ITUS compatible rucksacks will soon be available for retro-fitting. This means the packing volume is flexible depending on the equipment or intended use. Simply zip on the required size… and you are ready to go! Therefore you never carry more weight that is necessary and you have exactly the storage space you need.
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Everyday in perfect form. The carry comfort of the ITUS was extensively tested and cleverly optimised: the SAS-TEC protector of the harness simultaneously serves as the back section of the rucksack. When using the ITUS as a rucksack, the characteristic of the protector to distribute the pressure over a wide area has the same effect as the carrying system of a trekking backpack. Even with a fully stuffed rucksack, the load will not push uncomfortably into the back. There is also a ergonomically shaped, padded hip belt which helps to relieve the strain on the shoulders when carrying. Drinking bladder, hiking poles, jacket and other small items are always at hand in the convenient pockets. Once in the air it remains comfortable - with a robust honeycomb seat board, breathable padding on the back and sufficient storage space within reach for instruments, gloves, muesli bars, etc.
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Designed in every detail. One of the main features of the ITUS is safety. The materials and handling of the harness were extensively tested during daily use, on the G-Force Trainer and in a test environment. The results are impressive - even while the harness is being unpacked, the airbag fills itself… not just when in flight. This is achieved with a 3-chamber system supported by Nitinol wire and a polycarbonate plate. Both memory materials persistently return to their original form, but remain flexible when packing. This facilitates the small packing size of the ITUS and already protects the pilot during take off. The colour-coded buckles of the Clicksafe system make correct connection easy. The additional SAS-TEC protector distributes the pressure of hard objects, such as stones on a slope or a bottle in the storage compartment, over a larger area in the event of a fall onto the back. This reduces the risk of severe back injuries.
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Directional parachute compartment. During the design phase, particular attention was focused on the deployment of the parachute. For good reason - an unimpeded rescue deployment is essential for pilot safety. To ensure easy operation even under difficult conditions, our test pilots and developers did countless laps with the ITUS in the G-Force Trainer. At the highest g-load, the deployment of the rescue was tested under consideration of all possible deployment directions. As a consequence, the inner container was adapted. Due to the new design, the pulling force is distributed over the entire front of the rescue. This makes it easier to deploy and prevents the rescue from getting stuck in the compartment - regardless from which angle you pull it.
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Remove the rucksack and wash - no problem!

Anyone walking or hiking up hills will come to the point where after a a few hot days they may want to clean the rucksack part of the reversible harness. With most harnesses this isn’t easy without getting the protection or the integrated parachute wet. And getting the latter damp would be dangerous as keeping it dry is essential for a reliable deployment in case of an emergency. Thanks to the detachable rucksack of the ITUS, it is perfectly possible to wash it. In this case please hand wash it with water and mild soap. The rucksack is not suitable for machine washing or tumble drying.

Target group

The ITUS is ideal for all pilots who want maximum flexibility in terms of equipment weight and packing volume - without compromising on comfort and safety. Just the opposite: during the design of the ITUS it was tested beyond the stipulated certification measures. The EN standard for harnesses only stipulates that the release force for the parachute must be between 2 and 7 daN - testing  deployment in different directions is not required. With the ease with which the chute can be deployed in any direction, the ITUS clearly exceeds the certification standards. Those who feel particularly strongly about safety will value the ITUS during hike & fly, vol biv and cross-country flights. Whether the pilot has a lot of experience or it is their first day on the training hill.

Short and compact

Fits both little and large. The ITUS is available in sizes S, M and L. Soon further rucksacks for different packing volumes will be available for all sizes.

SAS-TEC & airbag protector. The SAS-TEC protector made from viscoelastic soft foam was first used in motorcycling and skiing. It is very light and guarantees excellent support and pressure distribution in the back area. When reversing the ITUS, this doubles as the comfortable back support of the rucksack. Within 30 seconds of unpacking it, the airbag is already inflated.

Clicksafe closing system. Our Clicksafe system with colour-coded buckles means with one glance you can be certain that you have hooked in correctly. The main hang points and buckles are green on the right side and red on the left side.

Optimised parachute container. The rescue compartment was designed using 3D design software and tested in practice for all deployment directions. The harness and the inner container of the rescue are optimised for easy deployment - the rescue being wedged in the compartment has been prevented.

Robust material. A particularly tear-resistant ripstop fabric is used on the airbag, supplemented by Nitinol wire and a polycarbonate panel (both memory materials) which always return to their original shape. The built-in zips, straps, carabiners and the honeycomb seat board have also already proven themselves in practice. When selecting all materials, attention was paid not only to safety and durability, but also to low weight.

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Light and durable.  Lightweight harnesses combine low weight with a high durability and robustness. This is made possible by using high quality fabric and clever cutting to keep unnecessary material to a minimum.
Air that protects. 

Airbags offer an unbeatable weight to usefulness ratio. Our airbags are constructed to inflate rapidly and to protect the pilot's posterior including as much of the back area as is practically possible.

Smart stuff. 

What we mean by that is, for example, Nitinol. This material can be bent when packing the equipment, but it always returns to its original shape. This characteristic can be very useful! In paragliders, the high-quality Nitinol rods replace the usual nylon rods. They are even more robust and ensure an optimally shaped airfoil contour. In harnesses, the properties of Nitinol are used, among other things, to ensure that the airbag fills with air before take off.

High-Tech for the back. 

The technology was developed for motorbikes and skiing, but is perfect for paragliding. The protector made by the German manufacturer SAS-TEC protects as well as stabilises the entire upper part of the back and aids both comfort as well as safety.

The perfect fit. Our S and L sizes are not just scaled copies of the M size. Every size is individually designed. The result is Tailor-made Geometry: every pilot has the optimal seat position – no more “off the peg” disproportional geometry!
Simply safe. 

Clearly colour-coded buckles make take off preparation easier. Red to red, green to green and black to black. Completely clear and great for learners.

All-rounder ready to go. 

Rucksack and harness in one – both are light and tough. This is why reversible harnesses are ideal companions for pilots who enjoy hiking up mountains or simply like to travel light. The safety aspect is at the forefront: NOVA keeps optimising the protectors and the rescue system to way above the stipulated standard.

Clever solution. 

The container of the reserve under the seat board is designed like a tube container. In combination with the dedicated reserve container this ensures a problem-free deployment in any pulling direction. The parachute is easy to install and operate and uses zips plus a rod and two loops.

In control. The seat board is an integral element designed to maintain the shape of the harness. It determines both the width and the length of the seat. Harnesses with seat boards are perfect for pilots who like a high degree of stability.

Technical data

    S M L
Pilot height cm <165 160-180 >175
Reversible harness weight* kg 3,4 3,7 3,9
Harness weight** kg 2,4 2,7 2,9
Weight hiking rucksack g 690 690 730
Weight cover g 45 45 45
Weight SAS-TEC protector g 280 280 280
Volume hiking rucksack l 77 77 87
Certification (EN/LTF)   PH 288.2019 (EN & LTF)
Maximum clip-in weight   120 kg (EN & LTF)
Energy absorption value g 28 28 28

* Harness incl. rucksack, SAS-TEC protector,  carbon speed-bar, NOVA Foras carabiner
** Harness incl. cover and NOVA Foras carabiner

 Please note: the ITUS is on the small side. If in doubt, we advise you to try the next size up.  


Outer and inner shell: Nylon Ripstop
Main and shoulder straps: Dyneema 
Leg loops: Dyneema
Chest strap: Dyneema
Carabiner: NOVA Special EDELRID Foras Karabiner
Buckles: Getup System mit farbigen Clicksafe AustriAlpin Cobra Schnallen
Protection: Pre-inflated Airbag, SAS-TEC Protektor

Scope of delivery




In an emergency, the pilot often has to throw their rescue when the wing is turning violently with correspondingly high g-forces. The current EN tests do not include deployment tests with high g-forces. NOVA voluntarily and intensively tests its harnesses using the G-Force Trainer - with differently sized parachutes, different pilot sizes, different lengths of connection bridles, in several deployment directions and until our testers black out...

Due to the detachable backpack, the ITUS is suitable for both reversible and light harness fans. It is also very useful that the rucksack can be washed separately without risking getting the parachute wet. For all those who like to transport their equipment in a quick packing bag or similar, the ITUS without the rucksack is almost a kilo lighter!

Rods made of Nitinol, a nickel-titanium alloy, can be bent (e.g. when packing up the equipment) but always return to their original shape. As if they could remember… This is why they are called “memory materials”.

Yes, it is suitable for ground handling. The airbag fills immediately after unpacking – and therefore also protects whilst on the ground. If you like it especially light, you can remove the ITUS rucksack and even remove the SAS-TEC protector.

The advantage of the Get-up system is ease of use as well as its light weight. Compared to the T-lock system, the ITUS requires only two clicks to close the harness instead of four. In combination with the colour-coded buckles, closing the harness is therefore as simple and straightforward as it can be.

The ITUS permits an upright as well as a slightly reclined seating position. Adjustment is easy and can be performed in the air. In order to avoid mis-adjusting the seat geometry, the ITUS is equipped with built-in strap limiters.

Generally harnesses should not be stored in damp, wet or hot conditions. The harness should never be exposed to hazardous substances like solvents, paints, battery acid and their gases, etc.

We recommend using the ITUS deployment bag, because our deployment bag is especially designed for the ITUS. Other parachute manufacturers sometimes recommend only using the original deployment bag of the rescue. At the end of the day, it is the pilot who needs to decide whose advice they wish to follow. With regard to our own parachutes, we can confirm that the ITUS deployment bag works perfectly with the BEAMERBEAMER Light and the PENTAGON (all sizes). If you decide to use the original deployment bag of your rescue parachute, you can order the suitable deployment handle for installation on the ITUS from us.

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