3-liner | Cells: 35 | Aspect ratio: 4.9 | Weight: from 4.6 kg – Size XXS (EN/LTF A)

PRION 6 – Escape the ordinary

The PRION 6 is your first reliable partner in the exciting world of paragliding. It is an innovative new design with simple handling, good performance and high passive safety. Experience extraordinary adventures with the PRION 6!

Fascination from the first moment. With our passion for wing design, we also want to ignite your passion for paragliding. The PRION 6 has been completely redesigned using our own proprietary software, resulting in exceptional collapse resistance and high performance. Like its predecessors, the PRION 6 is particularly easy to fly and has a very high degree of passive safety. The simple and direct handling is really fun and lets you take off with joy!

Sophisticated design. The advantages of the PRION 6 are based on its detailed technical design: Mini Ribs provide higher performance and less brake pressure, Mid Cell Links in the centre of each cell stabilise the leading edge in flight. Vector tape and diagonal ribs also increase the shape stability. The rods at the leading edge of the PRION 6 run as continuous rod loops through the rod channel. This saves seams and supports the Air Scoop principle (greater stability of the cell opening in accelerated flight). Compared to its predecessor, more cells (35) and a higher aspect ratio (4.9) ensure better performance – ideal conditions for your first thermal flights.

Carefree flying. The easy handling of the PRION 6 extends to all flight phases: pre-flight preparation is child's play thanks to the colour-coded risers and sheathed lines. During launch, the canopy inflates gently and straight without overshooting. In flight, the PRION 6 impresses with good roll and pitch stability, nice handling and good performance. In keeping with the principle of simplicity, packing is also extremely straightforward (Easy Packing): the nylon rods in the leading edge return to their original shape even if they are slightly bent and this guarantees that the wing retains its shape. From launch to landing, the PRION 6 is characterised by its easy manageability. So nothing stands in the way of a relaxed flying day.

Complete overview. The 20 mm wide risers of the PRION 6 feature many useful markings. Right and left are colour-coded (green = right; red = left). The same colour-coding can also be found on our harnesses, which prevents the harness from being connected the wrong way. In addition, the corresponding risers for Big Ears and the B-Line Stall are indicated below the maillon. The colours of the three line areas (A, B, C) stand out clearly from each other, as do the corresponding risers. The clear riser design helps you to keep your head clear for flying.

Quote from...

...Dr. Klaus Irschik, Head of the Göppingen Flying School:

"I had the chance to try the new PRION 6 on the training slope and during various high flights from the winch. As soon as I unpacked it for the first time I noticed the well thought through design. The leading edge resembles the most recent IONs. Line sorting is easy and clear as usual, the launch behaviour is great: whether with tailwind, crosswind, headwind or nil wind - no problem for the PRION 6! The handling in flight is remarkably good – agile but without a tendency to roll. The performance is perfect for a fun glider.

My conclusion: the PRION 6 is the perfect wing for a new or recreational pilot. Its sophisticated design, outstanding handling and impressive performance will delight the target group."

Target group

The PRION 6 (EN/LTF A – suitable for instruction) is a good-natured and extremely safe paraglider with easy launch and landing characteristics. It is ideal for pilots who are completing their training and are also looking for a safe, high-performance wing for their first thermal flights at their local site, or when travelling. Thanks to the overlapping weight ranges, there is a suitable size for everyone.



Technical data

    XXS XS S M L
Number of cells  


Projected span m 8,3 8,8 9,2 9,6 10,0
Projected area 18,8 21,0 23,0 25,1 27,1
Projected aspect ratio   3,69
Flat span m 10,3 10,9 11,5 12,0 12,4
Flat area 21,8 24,4 26,7 29,1 31,4
Flat aspect ratio   4,9
Distance pilot – canopy m 6,2 6,6 6,9 7,2 7,5
Max. chord m 2,7 2,8 2,9 3,1 3,2
Weight kg 4,6 4,8 5,1 5,4 5,7
Certified take off weight kg 55-85 70-95 80-105 90-115 100-130
Certification (EN/LTF)   A





Colour Configurator

Scope of delivery


The PRION 6 has a more complex structure than the PRION 5, and the aspect ratio and number of cells have been increased. In combination with the more elaborate inner workings, the PRION 6 offers more performance and stability. The demands on the pilot remain unchanged, the flying fun has been increased even further.

Both wings are EN/LTF A certified and can be used for instruction. In direct comparison, the PRION 6 is less dynamic and therefore easier to fly than the high-end EN A AONIC. With the PRION 6, the focus is on the easiest possible introduction to paragliding, whereas with the AONIC, it is more on thermal and cross-country flying. If you want to start paragliding in the most relaxed way possible, we recommend the PRION 6.

The PRION 6 is made of robust materials, which makes it particularly easy to handle. This makes it very strong and durable. In comparison, the DOUBLESKIN, with its focus on hike & fly, falls into the ultra-lightweight category. This means a construction method that enables a very low weight and requires a more careful handling of the material.

During the initial flights the lines are first subjected to load. This load induces a small degree of stretching and shrinking. These are not associated with the line manufacturers or the quality of workmanship - in the factory all NOVA paragliders are trimmed and pre-stretched to within a very low tolerance. To adjust this stretching or shrinking, we recommend that the wing is taken for NTT (NOVA Trim Tuning) after ten to twenty flights - after one year at the very latest. Generally, the line lengths remain constant after the first ten to twenty hours. To make full use of the NTT, NOVA encourages all pilots to have their wing checked after ten to twenty flying hours.

  • Avoid UV rays: minimise its exposure to the sun!
  • Store the wing open or loosely folded, dry, in a ventilated dark place.
  • Store the wing loosely folded, in a dry, dark place.
  • Never store a damp wing.
  • Don't drag the wing across the ground (especially the leading edge and rods).
  • Avoid sand and dust.
  • Never clean it with a hard brush or detergents.
  • If it is dirty, use a soft sponge and lots of water.
  • Allow a damp or wet glider to dry completely before storing.
  • Keep the wing away from acids and acid vapours (car battery).
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