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ELOWIN - Modular electric winch for paragliders and hang-gliders

The future of winch towing is electric. Without a noisy petrol engine and time-consuming maintenance. Instead, the ELOWIN offers more safety and the simple handling is a real eye-opener for winch operators and pilots alike - a winch launch can be so simple and flexible at the same time!

Programmed for safety. The electronics automatically regulate the drum speed in fractions of a second so that the selected pulling force is never exceeded. In the event of a fault, the drum immediately goes into safe freewheel mode. There is also a tube-guided, accurate rope guide that ensures an even winding pattern and prevents looping and, of course, a guillotine that can be triggered manually or electrically.

Ideal for step towing. Just bring the lever slowly to zero and let go. This allows the pilot to fly back to the launch site with the cable attached. As soon as s/he flies back towards the winch, the winch operator simply accelerates again. 

Simple, remote-controlled operation. Remote-controlled operation is possible from the launch site using a control panel or hand-held remote control. For example, the flying instructor can be the launch marshal and winch operator at the same time - which has proved successful in practical tests. For towing clubs, this also means that fewer people are needed on site to be able to fly. The remote control communicates with the winch several times per second. In the event of a malfunction, the winch reduces the pulling force automatically and in a well-dosed manner and within a few seconds there is no longer pull on the cable. The rope can then be retracted either with an automatic retraction system or manually. An end-of-cable detection system switches off the motor as soon as the cable is wound in.

Powerful and flexible. Everyone can freely configure their own optimal winch: one, two, or up to four drums. The battery lasts for 30, 60 or over 100 launches a day. Mounting can be on a trailer (small, large, used or new) or on a motor vehicle. This allows not only static but also mobile tows, which can then be carried out either as a classic tow or paying out or as a combined operation.

Not just for "hobbyists". Thanks to the flexible modular design, we are able to adapt battery power and the number of drums exactly to the customer's needs. Individual modules can be purchased as well as a fully assembled winch including the battery and trailer - ready for operation.

Tested by well-known clubs. The comprehensive test phase was carried out with paragliders (solo + tandem) as well as with hang-gliders and fixed wing gliders - in each case in static and combined operation (static-payout-static operation.) Just in Siegritz, Germany, over 1500 launches were carried out with the ELOWIN for testing. Conclusion: less maintenance, more flying!

Central contact for service. Should a technical problem occur or a spare part be needed, NOVA is the central contact. Our service contact: elowin@nova.eu / +43 522466026.

Ready for self-towing. Control using a manual remote control by the pilot is also possible. In future our smallest model of winch will fit on a tow bar and is called the ELOWIN SOLO. We are currently working closely with the DHV to clarify the legal basis for self-towing. Once this is completed and permission is granted, we will start selling.

Quote from ...

 ... Roland Börschel (Safety and Flight Operations Director / DHV):

"Solo paraglider and tandem, hang-glider, fixed wing, little wind, nil wind, tail wind, strong and just "flyable" wind, clear crosswind, stable weather conditions, thermal conditions, experienced pilots, recreational flyers... In all combinations the take off and flight phases are clearly calmer. The more demanding the conditions, the more noticeable this is. The winch compensates for different forces on the glider so quickly that they are hardly noticeable. Winch pilots also have to get used to this. But the changeover to the new technique is quick. Soon you overcome the usual impulse to adjust the tow with the drive lever. The bottom line is a marked gain in safety, comfort and towing height."

... Christian Wehrfritz (Managing Director NOVA / co-developer of the ELOWIN): 

"I am happy that I can contribute to making winch flying safer, more comfortable and more environmentally friendly. I am particularly excited about the possibilities that self-towing offers."


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Where can I order the ELOWIN?

Our contact for orders/questions: elowin@nova.eu / +43 522466026


An electronic winch regulates the towing force much faster, more precisely and, above all, fully automatically. The towing operation is more controlled, smoother and safer. It is also cleaner and quieter, easy to operate and easier to maintain. Powered by electricity from renewable sources, it can also contribute to the avoidance of exhaust fumes. There are many more advantages... so many that one should rather ask oneself: why still use the old, noisy petrol engine?

From 2013, the ELOWIN was developed by Andreas Hochscherff (chartered engineer) for the DGCSG (Hang-gliding and Paragliding Club of the Siebengebirge, Germany). In addition, Martin Unbehaun (design engineer) and Christian Wehrfritz (NOVA Managing Director) contributed their expertise. In 2016, the first launches took place and in 2019, the winch received type certification from the DHV. This led to a pre-serial prototype in 2020 and the first serial models were sold from 2021 onwards. Today, we are pleased with both the excellent feedback and the great demand.

The ELOWIN and the ELOWIN SOLO can be operated with different batteries from different manufacturers. Which battery is suitable in terms of power depends on the length of the towing distance and the number of daily tows. It is important to know: NOVA does not sell batteries. The batteries we have tested and recommend come from www.emotion-e.com. If you have any questions regarding the right battery, we will be happy to advise you personally. Please contact elowin@nova.eu.

That depends on the battery you choose. An example: we managed 95 tows with 15 kWh in the test.

There are already several winches in use in Germany and Austria. We are happy to help arrange test appointments. There is also a demo winch. In principle, a test is possible for private individual as well as clubs by arrangement. If you are interested, please contact us by e-mail at: elowin@nova.eu.

Yes! Accidental "rocket launches" can be prevented by the constant pulling force, as well as a very long take off run with too little cable tension. Compared to petrol engine winches, there is also much less oscillation during towing.

Should a technical problem occur or a spare part be needed, NOVA is always the central contact. Our service contact is: elowin@nova.eu / +43 522466026.

Clearly involved in the development process was TKM Projekt from Wroclaw, Poland. TKM is now also responsible for the series production of the ELOWIN.

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