Comfortable lightweight rucksack


The FERUS lightweight paragliding rucksack is suitable for hike & fly, vol biv and as an everyday paragliding backpack due to its high carrying comfort and smart features. It is available in two sizes - 80 and 105 litres. In combination with our ITUS harness, the FERUS can also be used as a reversible backpack.

Extraordinary comfort. Despite its low weight, the FERUS offers exceptionally high wearing comfort. The trick is that the FERUS has a rigid hip belt like a trekking backpack and uses the packed paraglider to “stiffen” the whole pack. For maximum carrying comfort, we recommend the FERUS should be packed so that the rucksack is completely filled from the bottom to the top and then the load is pulled towards the back using the compression straps. These are deflected over six points for even compression. The pockets also have access from the front, so that they can be accessed even when the backpack is on.

Simply fits. Depending on the size of the paraglider and harness, the appropriate version can be selected: 80 litre volume (760 grams) or 105 litre volume (820 grams). Both are compatible with our ITUS harness. In this tutorial you see how to attach and detach your rucksack from your harness.

For stress-free packing, we recommend the FERUS 80 in combination with the ITUS S and the FERUS 105 with the ITUS M and L.
The FERUS is made from nylon. The outer pockets are made of mesh and the lower area is made of fabric, so that sharp-edged objects do not cause damage.

Everything in its place. Various accessories can be conveniently stored in the FERUS. On one of the ergonomic shoulder straps there is a Velcro trim for attaching a smartphone or GPS tracker. In the lid compartment, there is a small carabiner to secure a key. There is also a small valuables pocket with zip in the neck area. A hydration system can be attached to the inside of the main compartment with a fastening strap, and there is a drink tube outlet. Trekking poles can be placed in a separate outer pocket. If there is no room for the helmet in the main compartment, it can be attached to the top by means of a helmet net. The FERUS 105 comes with two outer mesh pockets on the hip belt for small items such as muesli bars, money, sun cream or spare batteries; the FERUS 80 comes with one.


Recommended packing technique. Product developer Michael Kantioler explains how he packs the FERUS: "I fold my paraglider to the size of the back length of the rucksack, put my harness on top of it and then zip it up about three-quarters of the way on both sides. The helmet (the flight instruments are well protected inside the helmet), the clothing and other items are then placed in the remaining space above. If space is tight, you can also transport the helmet on the lid compartment using the removable helmet net." If you have a paraglider with rods that needs to be packed into a concertina bag, you can also put or wrap the harness inside when folding the glider and thus do without the packing roll.

Size matters. The packing technique as well as the volume of the flying equipment are critical for the choice of backpack size. For a glider size up to a maximum of M (lightweight glider) in a Concertina Bag Light and a pod harness up to 2 kg, we recommend the FERUS 80. For a larger glider and a heavier harness, the FERUS 105 is more suitable. The FERUS also has room for additional equipment, e.g. for bivouac tours - simply select the right backpack version as required.

You can buy the FERUS from our NOVA dealers and in our webshop.


Till Gottbrath was formerly editor-in-chief of Outdoor magazine and has worked in the outdoor industry all his life. The captain of the NOVA Pilots Team says: "I have used the FERUS for various hike & fly races as well as for relaxed touring. I am blown away by the carrying comfort. I have never used a paragliding rucksack with such good load transfer to the hips. The FERUS is like a real trekking pack - as long as it is packed properly."

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