The all-round hike & fly package with only 1.3 kg

MONTIS+ – flexible, safe and ultralight

The MONTIS+ is the combination of the MONTIS, our ultralight harness and the INVERTO, our reversible rucksack. The MONTIS+ is more than a sum of its parts – it offers comfort, protection and unsurpassed flexibility. A harness for every mountain.

Stay flexible. Hike & fly is a science in itself: depending on the type of tour, the required equipment will change. With the MONTIS+ you are ready for any eventuality – from a gentle evening flight to an extreme alpine adventure.

Well protected. With its in-built protection, the MONTIS+ looks after the whole spine, not just the pilot’s posterior. The protector starts at the knees and reaches up to the neck vertebrae. This means a high degree of passive safety.

Always comfortable. Whether on the ground or in the air: the MONTIS+ offers a lot of storage space (60 litres), is very comfortable to carry and offers a relaxed seating position. For a harness of this type and weight, the level of comfort is impressively high.


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In flight

The Shape

Stay flexible

Remove the INVERTO and your harness is only 300 grams light. So you are flexible and equipped for every kind of mountain challenge.

Technical data

    M L XL
Pilot height cm <175 175-190 >185
Volume l 60 60 60
Harness weight kg 1,305 1,325 1,385
Certification   PH 131.2015
Maximum clip-in weight   130 kg lt. LTF
Energy absorbtion value g 26
Colours   NOVA Red/Black

In focus


Test flight
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